Here at QUT Dance Society, we welcome everyone! Whether you've been dancing since your toddler days, have never danced a day in your life or have two left feet (trust us, we know the feeling). We want THIS to be the place where you can come to learn and express yourself free of judgement. 

Starting uni, or even meeting new people can be daunting. It's important to make friends outside of your study area so that you have other common interest to bond over. That's why this is the ideal place to be! Our club consists of students of all faculties from Australia and all over the world. Talk about inclusive!

We don't compete. We're just a bunch of uni students who love to dance for fun and we love to do so together. Dance can also be a great stress reliever when those assessments get a bit too much. We dance to express, not impress. However, there is always the chance to show off what you've learnt at QUT or external events. 


QUT Dance Society aims to provide fun, affordable and professional dance classes for all skill and experience levels .

Meet The Team

Victoria's Profile

Meet Tori! She is studying a Bachelor of Primary Education. Tori has been dancing since she was 3 years old and has continued it on for many years. She enjoys contemporary, musical theatre and ballet. Tori is always smiling and this is shown through her passion for dance. When she graduates from university, Tori aims to continue to share her love for dance by providing dance classes for children after school. Come to dance classes if you want to share Tori's contagious smile!





Sophie's Profile

Meet Sophie! She is studying a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Behavioural Science. Sophie has been dancing on and off her entire life. Her favourite styles include swing, jazz and burlesque. Staying true to her heritage, Sophie takes part in polish dancing. Sophie is very energetic and embraces her passion for dance. Keep an eye out for Sophie in dance classes as she is always up for a chat.



Meet Ashleigh! She is studying a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology). Ashleigh started dancing at the age of 4 and her favourite styles include jazz, ballet and contemporary. She loves improving her flexibility and is always pushing herself further in dance. Ashleigh loves a chat and is always looking for fun activities to do. Keep your eye out for Ashleigh at our dance classes to experience her passion first hand!

Ashleigh's Profile


Meet Kelsey! She is studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Technical Production). Kelsey started dancing from the age of 5 and enjoys ballroom, Latin and burlesque. She loves to try new styles and expanding her dance knowledge. Kelsey is a fun-loving and friendly person who is always carrying a smile. Keep your eye out for Kelsey at our dance classes and events!

Kelsey's Profile


Meet Gabby! Studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Gabby has been taking dance classes on and off starting from a young age. Despite starting out in ballet, her developed dance style is hip hop and commercial. She uses dance as an outlet to express herself and let out pent-up energy. She's a hobbit-sized badass who adds the class to sass. 

Gabby's Profile



Bella's Profile

Meet Bella! She is studying a Bachelor of Accountancy with a minor in forensics. Bella began dancing when she was 9 years old, starting her dance journey in musical theatre. She then found her love for contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap and ballroom, enjoying her extensive training as a competitive dancer. Bella is always enthusiastic to learn and develop her dancing both in class and on stage. She is bubbly and passionate about all things dance (and maths!). Look out for Bella's keen energy during classes and events!